Mr Majeed’s Home

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Mr. Majeed Chaudry’s Home


Occasionally a design just falls into a place effortlessly; but in the case of senior Architect Mr. Haq Nawaz, CEO of Design Advisor, situated in Islamabad capital city of Pakistan, has every design building with a lot of considerations and work from structural layout plan to home décor elements. One of his and our many elegant works is Mr. Majeed Chaudry’s home of Islamabad.

We appreciate architect Mr. Haq Nawaz to involve us during the process of making action plan of home design and put us on board to provide the input on marble and granite materials, shades, finishes, interiors, styles, home décor, floor plan, flooring design and all marble and granite relevant options.

Being involved in every plan of action, Haqeeq Marbles provided all range of services from design to execution work. In short, we worked as one stop shop for marble and granite job. Geometric marble floor design, of main gate entrance passage through garage, has marvelous look and compliments the home décor. This home is full of architectural designs with rich craftsmanship to give life impact to designs of motifs, medallions, floors, skirting, stairs, sprinkling area, passages, entrance, washrooms, rest rooms, lobby, terrace, kitchen, dining area, fireplaces area, basement motif flooring, mosaic, decorative carving and many more throughout the home interior and exterior.

This is one of our modern home projects with all our production line marble and granite products and services.

CLIENT : Mr. Majeed Chaudry
LOCATION : Islamabad

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