Haqeeq Marbles

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Haqeeq Marbles Mosque, Showroom & Jharoka


Haqeeq Marbles showroom cum Marble and Granite Fabrication Facility situated at 18-km, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, itself is a commercially done project to present a display center for the customers to show our quality products, services and workmanship.

You will get unmatched three story building of Haqeeq Marbles display showroom and jharoka even not a single competitor has this much display and variety to show the clients.

Haqeeq Marbles Jharokas are one of the prominent products that attract the visitors. It is old mughal art used by different mughal emperors that is replica of jharoka work done in old mughal buildings like  Lahore fort, Shalamar bagh and other historical mughal places.

These jharokas are hand carved design with chisel.  A lot of skill is required to shape marble in given design to make it masterpiece. Further the whole building flooring, stairs, washrooms, basement, lobbies, offices, passages and rooms are matched and mixed to give a glimpse of their ideal design that suits their building or sense of home décor.

CLIENT : Haqeeq Marbles
LOCATION : Jharoka – Lahore

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